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Pixel Punk Predicts: WWE Wrestlemania 28

Finally, Pixel Punk has come back to InfinityFeed. Wait, I think I just stole something from The Rock. Ah well, he's too focused on John Cena to notice.

Welcome to 'Pixel Punk Predicts' as we take a look at WWE's biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania 28!

Kane VS Randy Orton

This match has very little build up due to Orton recently returning from injury. To me, it's just an excuse for a filler match with no real feud to be continued. So with that in mind my pick is going to be Orton. He's just come back and needs a win to show he's back and ready for whatever should happen after Wrestlemania.
Pixel Punk Picks: Randy Orton

Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly VS Eve & Beth Phoenix

Again, not much build up except appearances by some of the Diva's during Maria's show. If you're from the UK then you probably have no idea who Maria is, or what she does. But apparently she's a celebrity, and by making an appearance at Wrestlemania you can be damn sure she didn't accept a cash offer to turn up and lose. The other women are going to have to make her look good, although to be honest, I'll probably use this time to go to the bathroom.
Pixel Punk Picks: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

Team Johnny VS Team Teddy

This match has some decent build up story. Whichever team wins, then that General Manager gets control over both RAW and Smackdown.
Team Johnny consists of Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, David Otunga, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, and The Miz. Team Teddy consists of Booker T, Great Khali, R-Truth, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston, and Zack Ryder.
If you look at the star power of each team then Team Johnny contains three former World Heavyweight Champions and a former WWE Champion. Team Teddy contains a retired wrestler turned announcer, a seldom seen Indian botch machine, and two comedy act underdogs.
If I look at this in a logical way, it seems pointless to build up Johnny's TV persona to now have him lose control of RAW to a guy who's been in charge of Smackdown for years but does nothing except announce tag team matches. Going forward, the WWE needs that suited executive 'bad guy' power figure which Vince McMahon played so well.
It hasn't be confirmed whether this is going to be one fall to a finish, or if it's going to be done elimination style. Personally I would prefer elimination style as it would add to the match and create extra drama.
Pixel Punk Picks: Team Johnny

Sheamus VS Daniel Bryan - World Heavyweight Championship

Sheamus won the Royal Rumble (which I failed to predict) and chose to face Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania for the World heavyweight Championship.
For the last few years the Royal Rumble winner has failed to capture the gold on the grandest stage, but something tells me that this year is going to be different. D-Bry has had a good run with the strap, and will still have time to win it back if they continue this feud post Wrestlemania.
I expect a good 10 to 15 minute match, possibly an opener to the show (after the national anthem of course) with a new World Heavyweight Champion being crowned.

Cody Rhodes VS Big Show - Intercontinental Championship

If Big Show wins the IC title, that means he has won every single active championship within WWE (except the Diva's Championship which would just be stupid).
Others say that Cody needs to lose the IC Title before being pushed up to the main event matches, however I think he can keep the belt and still go for the WWE or World Heavyweight Championships. The Ultimate Warrior held both in the early 90's after a title VS title match with Hulk Hogan, so why can't Cody? He has far more talent and potential than Warrior ever had.
The build up for this match has been fantastic, with Cody taunting Big Show with embarrassing videos of previous Wrestlemania losses involving Show, saying that on the big stage, the big man chokes and loses. This one won't steal the show, mainly because of Big Show's size and ability, but Cody will no doubt try damn hard for this contest to look good.
Pixel Punk Picks: Cody Rhodes

Undertaker VS Triple H - Hell in a Cell with Special Referee Shawn Michaels

Last year these two had the match of the night, this year they will try to do the same. But as a prediction this one can be short and sweet. Undertaker will win, extending the undefeated streak to 20-0. It seems pointless ending the streak with a guy who is probably a year away from announcing his in-ring retirement, even if that man is the son in law of the company owner.
Pixel Punk Predicts: Undertaker

CM Punk VS Chris Jericho - WWE Championship

This will be the best wrestling match of the night, guaranteed!
Both men lay claim to being 'Best in the World', however this feud won't be settled here. This will definitely carry on for at least another month, maybe two.
Because I love both of these guys, it's proving quite hard to predict the victor. I can see Jericho getting the win, with CM Punk reclaiming the title at the next Pay Per View, or even the one after that. But I can also see CM Punk winning at Wrestlemania but potentially losing further down the line. However, I don't see both major titles changing hands on the same night. Somewhere during the 4 hour event we're bound to get a screwy finish with either interference or a disqualification. Perhaps, this could be the one to end in a DQ, but would you want a championship match on the biggest PPV of the year to end that way and risk getting chants of 'Bullshit'?
Pixel Punk Picks: CM Punk

John Cena VS The Rock

This is it, a match that's been a year in the making, and is also the headline attraction. It's also going to be extremely hard to predict a winner. It's rumoured that this could be a best of three feud, spread across yet another year, with matches taking place during gaps in The Rock's filming schedule for the multiple film roles he has coming up. The fan in me would love to see The Rock win, in reality I think this will be an older generation star putting over and officially passing the torch to the younger new generation star, much like at Wrestlemania 18 when The Rock defeated Hulk Hogan.
So I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that John Cena narrowly wins, and the end of the pay per view will be The Rock and John Cena shaking hands in a sign of respect, despite the fact they aren't exactly fond of each other.
Pixel Punk Picks: John Cena

That's it for this edition of 'Pixel Punk Predicts'. I hope you enjoy watching Wrestlemania wherever you may be and whoever you're with.

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